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Well I will start with introducing myself. I am Supriya, 2nd year graduate student and I have taken over Diana’s responsibilities of maintaining our lab website. Diana has successfully graduated and she has put in lot of efforts in designing our lab website. I hope I am able to maintain the website and keep you all updated.

There has been lot happening around since past year. I joined the lab and I was thrilled to learn about the awesome yeast model. I am sure I will be able to make some significant contributions before I graduate.

Last year in March 2012 we moved to our new lab space at the STRF near the UTHSCSA main campus. Moving to a new building was exciting and challenging at the same time. As one year passed in the building we all have become very comfortable with everything around

Diana has graduated and ready to go back to medical school to finish her MD/PhD. and she has recently published her work on MHMR. Her work has provided greater insights into understanding the role of Microhomology in DNA repair and Chromosomal translocations.  She has been a very vibrant and active member of the lab and we all will miss her when she leaves.

I would also like to congratulate Fuyang and Cory for their recent publication that helps us understand how Saw1 plays an important role in the Rad1/Rad10 assembly at 3′ tailed recombination intermediate.

This month we had great pleasure of interacting with Lorraine Symington who was invited by Cory as one of the seminar speakers this spring semester. It was really nice to have her with us.  Her talk was based on her work about unexpected role of RPA in DNA resection. Not only the research was inspiring but her talk was comprehensive and was very easy to understand. All our lab members went on dinner with her and she shared all her tough and easy experiences with us. I really wish we can have some more of student invited speakers every semester.

Sang Eun had also invited Jeniffer Gerton for a talk  last week and it was very interesting to know about her work related to cohesinopathies in yeast and zebra fish model.

Courtney is now the Lab helper of our lab after Lauren left. Her daughter Alyssa will turns 5 this October and Courtney would be very soon graduate from the University of Phoenix with Bachelors in Psychology

In other news, we had our Lab retreat last weekend at New Braunfels. It was a lovely place to hang out. We had rented a house right next to a stream with a lot of trees around and the perfect weather served as an icing on the cake. All lab members brought their families and it was really wonderful to have two new kids Sofie (Diana’s 4month old daughter) and Nash (Cory’s 3 weeks son) around. We all enjoyed different American, Chinese, Korean and Indian cuisines for Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast.  That is the benefit of having lab members from different countries :D .Fishing at daytime was a greater fun, when Fuyang’s daughter Jiayin caught a big catfish and Jun too got luck in catching a number of catfishes. Nighttime was relaxing around the fire and later we had nice time playing Jun’s new Chinese game “Mahjong”. With Jun coaching around helping everyone understand the game I miraculously won 4 times!!!! We had a very nice memorable time with all members together. I am really looking forward to our next lab retreat.

That’s all for now…..see you next month


November Calendar

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Fall has arrived!

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And with it – cooler weather, which we are all thankful for.

This month, our new RSC paper comes out in MCB. I’m sure Ji-Hyun will be happy to see the final product in print. In short, the story demonstrates the interaction between Rad59 and RSC during Rad59-dependent homologous recombination. It shows the loading of cohesin to the DNA double-strand break by RSC in order to promote homologous recombination between sister chromatids. It’s a nice read for anyone interested.

During September, the much anticipated new department head of Molecular Medicine, Tim Huang, arrived in San Antonio from Ohio. Looks like the whole department may be moving to the main UTHSCSA campus, possibly to the new South Texas Research Facility (STRF), but there has been no definite decision (that I know of) yet. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed in the interim.

The student-invited speaker for the Molecular Medicine department, Inder Verma from the Salk Institute, visited us this week. He gave a very impressive lecture on his lentiviral mouse model of glioblastoma, and his recent discovery of endothelial cell transdifferentiation of glioblastoma cells. The students look forward to their invited speaker every year, and Dr. Verma did not disappoint! While reading papers are a great way to learn about science, hearing a lecture from such a distinguished scientist is always wonderful for the graduate students, post-docs, and faculty.

In other news, we have a new rotating student – Natalie Johnson, a Texas A&M graduate from the Integrated Multidisciplinary Graduate Program (IMGP). Hopefully she enjoys working with yeast, DNA repair and chromosome dynamics. She is here for 6 weeks, along with Bo, who is here for the duration of the semester. Who can resist the ease (and scientific rigor) of working with budding yeast, am I right? :-)

Well, that about covers it for this month!



October Calendar

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September Calendar

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Back after a year of classes

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As webmaster, I’ve been a little laxly on my duties keeping this page/blog up and going this past year. The second year of the Cellular and Structural Biology graduate curriculum is rather time-consuming with the qualifying exam and all the writing/presentation work. But, I’m back to taking care of this webpage! I will update with some protocols and more of our laboratory information soon.

In other news, Kihoon Lee left us last August to join James Haber’s laboratory at Brandeis University for his post-doc. Junchao Dong graduated as well and joined Frederick Alt’s laboratory in Boston, and Yueh-Mei Hsu left to accompany her husband Chen-Yu Liao to his post-doctoral fellowship in Northern California. Jun, Cory, Jaehoon and I are left holding down the fort, which also means the frequency of our lab meeting presentations have gone from once every two months to once a month…

We are also very happy to have a returning post-doctoral fellow – Fuyang Li – back from China. His expertise was greatly missed, and it’s good to have him back.

We had some great undergraduate students in the lab this summer – Whitney Pittman from the University of Florida and Vivek Pakanati from Trinity University. They got us started on some new genetic screening projects, so we will see how those pan out. We wish them the best of luck in their school year.

Amy Sid made an appearance this summer, in her break from Pharmacy School in Oklahoma, and we were all happy to have her back for a month or so. She helped to train our new research assistant, Lauren Buckley, in all the business of running the lab. It’s good, because when I was responsible for ordering supplies, somehow the lab credit card was cancelled (?)… (Not sure how I did that, but I am sure I won’t be asked to do any more of the ordering any time soon.)

We have a new rotation student from Molecular Medicine, Bo Li, for the fall semester. He comes from Wuhan University in China.

Anyway, back to article-reading and experiment-planning – the life of a graduate student. I’ll post more soon.


Lee Lab Webpage

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Welcome to the lab web page of Sang Eun Lee at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio!